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AMMA'S Oracle

"Son! A mother does not forsake her child even if he is a thief. Instead she feeds him with good food. Likewise, even if you make mistakes I am there to help you."

AMMA'S Oracle

"Son, I have the ability to change your fate. Normally I don't interfere with your fate. However, when you show true devotion and surrender unto me and seriously do whatever job I give you, I take upon myself the job of changing your fate. "

AMMA'S Oracle

"Son! Without me not even a single atom will move. I am like an atom inside an atom. By positioning myself like that, I am developing spirituality. "

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Moola Mandiram

Om Sakthiye! ParaSakthiye!
Om Sakthiye! Adhi ParaSakthiye!
Om Sakthiye! Maruvur Arasiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Vinayagha!
Om Sakthiye! Om Kamatchiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Bangaru Kamatchiye!

Other Links
  1. Around the World Awakening Spirituality
    Visit this web site for more details about Swayambu Arulmigu Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam Melmaruvathur-603319, India. ... The
    word AdhiParaSakthi exactly represents the Source of Energy. ...
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  2. The worship of goddess Adhiparasakthi
    Worship of God in the form of Supreme Goddess Adhiparasakthi, as conducted
    by the Om Sakthi Spiritual Movement with mantras and yantras. Om Sakthi! ...
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  3. Light of Universal Consciousness from Melmaruvathur ...
    'Sakthi Olhi' from Melmaruvathur AdhiParaSakthi Siddhar Peetam and 'The Spiritual
    Beacon' from Sakthi Peetam and Spiritual Center Of North America, Chester ...
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  4. A very Special Interview given by ArulThiru.Bangaru Adigalar
    Excerpts from a conversation that Mr.Klik Ravi (journalist) had with Adigalar ...
    What ever Adigalar speaks is very simple, no ornamentation and HE is plainspoken ... His speech is not replete with quotes from puraanaa, Vedanta or the Upanishad. ...
    More Details From: www.Chennaionline.com/festivalsnreligion/Articles/bankaru.asp

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