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AMMA'S Oracle

" I have taken the incarnation as Adigalar. The body belongs to Adigalar but the soul is mine. I will be HIM and HE will be MYSELF"

AMMA'S Oracle

"Son! I have no shape. I am in any form like the atom, light, baby, snake, lamp or Siddhar. I, who have no shape has chosen Adigalar, to say oracles. It is not just to say oracles and to improve you but for you to understand this Siddhar."

AMMA'S Oracle

"Son! when people walk along the roads, they differentiate between the living creatures around as man, woman, human beings and animals. But Balagan is no such person. He thinks of all living creatures as equals. His spiritual growth and refinement can not be found in others."

Anmiga Guru Arul Thiru Bangaru Adigalar
Arul Thiru Adigalar as AMMA's Avathar

March 3rd 1941, the day His Holiness Sri Bangaru Adigalar was born, is a Golden day in the history of the world.

"When the dharmas of the world gives place to adharma, I will be born there to restore the dharma"
so saying Annai was born in the simple home to Sri.Gopala Naicker and Srimathi.Meenambal in a sacred village called Melmaruvathur.

The early years of Adigalar

As a young boy he started his schooling at the primary school in Chotthupakkam and continued his high school at Acharapakkam.

When he was a child, Annai Adhiparasakthi in the form of a snake, climbed, crawled and played on the body of Adigalar.

When Adigalar was a little boy his sister passed away, and he could not bear this separation. So he used to go to his sister's grave.One day when he was sitting on the grave he felt very thirsty - it is at that time Annai Adhiparasakthi in the form of Uma Maheswari gave the little boy Ganges water, which she produced from her knotted hair and blessed Him with this divine water. By this Annai Adhiparasakthi wanted the world to feel and realise Her incarnation in the form of young Bangaru.

After his high school he joined the teacher's training at Chingalpattu Government teacher training school. During this period He often experienced inordinate states of trance, frenzy and fainting spells. After his training He took up a teacher's job at Acharappakkam school.

Adigalar's family life

In the year 1968, on September 4th, Selvi.Lakshmi, the ninth daughter of Sri. Venkatachala naicker and Srimathi Vishalakshi of Uthiramerur got married to Adigalar. Adigalar has two sons and two daughters. His special greatness lies in practising spiritualism even as a grahasta.

About this, being with family and practising spiritualism Adigalar once said, .
" Buddha renounced his family and spread spiritualism. People blamed him for it. Now I practise spiritualism as a grahsta. People blame me for it too. Either way of life, people find fault. That is the way of the world".

AMMA's Oracle

Adigalar started his oracle from 1970. By His oracle, he solved the problems of many who came to Him for solution. Through the oracle, AMMA spread the faith in God and Spiritualism, give spiritual philosophy, cured many families from their disease and their curses.

At present, oracles are said on tuesdays, fridays, sundays, new moon and full moon days, as well as on siddhar peetam festivals.


Adigalar is a spiritual guru. Adigalar is a Siddhar. Above all Adigalar is the incarnation of Annai Adhiparasakthi.
"Yes! Adigalar is the personification of Ambal"
said Kanchi Periyavar.

AMMA once in Her oracle said,
" Do not try to analyse me and my ways. They are beyond your intellectual power".

AMMA, gradually raised Adigalar to a higher level, by performing "Acharya Abhishegam" to turn Him into a Mahan.

For the Acharya Abishegam, Annai chose a renowned elderly person and said to him, .
"Son! It is time that my son be transformed to a Mahan. The rituals have to start by the night of 13th April, 79 and in the early hours of 14th April, 1979, the Acharya Abhishegam should be done. Proceed with the preparation".
Thus, the Acharya Abhishegam was performed to Adigalar. During the Abhishegam, Adigalar sat exactly like the idol in the sanctum sanctorum.

AMMA is the only solution to all our problems

Adharma is spreading all over, there seems to be a rapid spread and growth of violence and terrorism. If this continues, nobody is saved and no one will have peace.

Spiritualism is the only solution to this situation. Annai has personified Herself as Adigalar to give this solution. Amma and Adigalar are one and the same. One who understands this and realises this is always blessed.

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One Mother

AMMA in the form of snake crawled over the young Adigalar

Blessings of Annai

AMMA blessing young Adigalar with Divine water