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AMMA'S Oracle

Son, It is not proper to come to the Siddhar peetam always thinking of one's home, family and work. One should come to the siddhar peetam with spiritual service in mind. The benifits that you reap from these services can never be taken away from you, nor can it be destroyed.

AMMA'S Oracle

Son, By serving mankind, one can reach God easily. The quiet humble service of yours will fetch you prosperity, at all times, in the future.

AMMA'S Oracle

Son, service conducted with a control over our senses, service devoid of greed and jealousy, help us to acheive happiness and sucess in spiritualism.

Support - Dharmapuri Adhiparasakthi Sakthi Peetam
Adhiparasakthi Sakthi peetam, Dharmapuri.
Moola Mandiram

Om Sakthiye! ParaSakthiye!
Om Sakthiye! Adhi ParaSakthiye!
Om Sakthiye! Maruvur Arasiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Vinayagha!
Om Sakthiye! Om Kamatchiye!
Om Sakthiye! Om Bangaru Kamatchiye!


With the blessings of Annai Adhi Parasakthi and Aanmiga Guru AMMA Arul Thiru. ADIGALAR we would like to inform you that during Adigalar's Holy trip to Dharmapuri District (Tamil Nadu) on 31st March, 2001AMMA ordered the devotees to start the Sakthi Peedam temple construction at Valluvar Nagar, Dharmapuri.

With the blessings of AMMA the Foundation was laid by Adigalar's eldest son Sakthi B. Anbhazhagan on the 2nd September, 2001 for the Sakthi Peedam temple. Since then, my parents and a team of devotees are working on this project. We are trying our best to support this work and we request you to donate generously to the Dharmapuri Sakthi Peedam temple construction work and get the blessings of AMMA.

At Dharmapuri, the Adhi Parasakthi weekly worship center was started in the year 1982. Since then they are conducting prayer meetings every week and also on every full and new moon day. Apart from prayers they are involved in numerous social works in the region - like serving the poor people by offering free food, dress, free medical camps, educational and marriage expenses support to poor. With AMMA'S blessings the weekly worship center is now getting a new shape as a Sakthi Peedam temple, so we need your generous support to the on going work.

Further information for your contributions please contact us

Contact Details in USA
sakthi.C. Kasthuri Rengan
Phone No: 818-729-0966
Email id: ckrengan@sakthipeedam.org

Contact Details at Kuwait
sakthi.C.S.Ratha Krishnan (or) sakthi.C.Muthu Kumaran
Phone No: 965-9685439
Email id: rk_krish@hotmail.com

Contact Details in Tamil Nadu, India
sakthi.R.Chelliah (or) sakthi.Sundari Chelliah
Phone No: 044-6560509 (or) 04342-233078
Email id: ckrengan@sakthipeedam.org

We appreciate your feedback and generous support.

Temple Plan

Temple Plan

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