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AMMA'S Oracle

Son, Life in the world today is going beyond control. Only spiritualistic powers can contain it.

AMMA'S Oracle

Son, The light house acts as a guide to those travelling on the seas. The Irumudi, the Poojas and the Yagnas by you acts as a guide to your spiritual future.

AMMA'S Oracle

Son, Those who sincerely think of ME and pray to ME, by wearing Sakthi Malai, observe fasting, do Angapradhakshanam(bodily rolling on floor of the temple) at Siddhar Peetam and completely surrender themselves to me, will find their wishes fullfilled and problems solved.

Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam Festivals
Festivals of Melmaruvathur

In Melmaruvathur Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam all the festivals are celebrated in accordance with AMMA's Oracle and not based on traditional methods.
                                            Aadi Pooram Song
Important Festivals

  • January - New Years Day
  • January - Thai Poosam
  • March 3rd - AMMA'S Birth Day( Avathara ThiruVizha)
  • April - Tamil New Years Day
  • April - Chitra Pournami ( Full Moon day)
  • July-Aug - Aadi Pooram
  • October - Navarathri Festival
  • December - Christmas
  • Every Full and New Moon day of the month

  • Of these, AMMA's Birthday, Thai Poosam, Adi Pooram And Navarathri are celebrated in a very grand and festive manner.

    ThaiPoosam and Irumudi

    The Main aspects of ThaiPoosam festival are Sakthi Malai(IRUMUDI), Velvi and Jyothi Darshan.

    Sakthi Malai (Irumudi) is a very important occassion to AMMA devotees. Sakthis put the sakthi malai in their mandrams and will observe fasting. Then, they come to Siddhar peetam and submit their Irumudi by doing the Abhishegam to Suyambu. AMMA has given a chance for all of us to do the Abhishegam to HER twice a year. One is during the Irumudi and the other is at Aadipooram. So we all must use this opportunity and get the blessings of AMMA.

    About Sakthi Malai AMMA in HER oracle has said
    Those who sincerely think of ME and pray to ME, by wearing Sakthi Malai, observe fasting, do Angapradhakshanam(bodily rolling on floor of the temple) at Siddhar Peetam and completely surrender themselves to me, will find their wishes fullfilled and problems solved.

    Hundreds of thousands of devotees and their families have benefited by wearing Sakthi Malai and carrying Irumudi.

    AadiPooram festival

    The three important aspects of Aadipooram festival are:
  • Serving Kanji(Gruel)
  • Devotees themselves doing Milk Abhishegam to Swayambu
  • AMMA Herself in the form of Arul Thiru. Adigalar performing Angapradhakshanam.

  • Serving Kanji(Gruel) is a special offering to AMMA. About this AMMA has said in her oracle
    Son, the kanji you have brought here as an offering is not an ordinary one. To me it is the GOD's divine food(Amirtham). The kanji(gruel) is not made up of rice and ghee, but carries with it, the invaluable love, affection and devotion of my devotees.

    Thousands of people from all over bring this gruel and take it around the Siddhar peetam and the gruel is served to all.

    Milk Abhishegam to Swayambu is an important event on the day of Aadipooram. This is one of the 2 special days each and every one gets the opportunity to enter the sanctum sanctorum and do Abishegam to AMMA on their own hands.

    AMMA believes, that people with never ending problems get theirs resolved by performing the milk abhishegam and those who wish to attain spiritual growth and development can also achieve it by doing this abhishegam to AMMA.

    Angapradhakshanam of AMMA is the crowning glory of Aadipooram festival. Arul Thiru Adigalar reaches the sanctum sanctorum after his bath and stands in front of the Swayambu. In a fraction of second, Adigalar becomes an incarnation of AMMA. In this trancedental state, "AMMA" who seems to resemble a cobra at this moment, jumps from the sanctum sanctorum to the mandapam, which is six feet away. It is beyond the powers of human form and performance. AMMA goes around the Siddhar peetam, in Angapradhakshanam.This is beyond human imagination and it is a "miracle".

    AMMA believes that doing angapradhakshanam on the Siddhar peetam, saves people from their fate and destiny. So, hundreds of devotees do the angapradhakshanam on everyday to cleanse themselves of their sins and attain greater spiritual strength.


    Navarathri is one of the important festivals of Annai Adhiparasakthi. It is celebrated for nine days.

    On the first day of Navarathri AMMA lights the lamp called Agandavilakku. Three kinds of oil namely neem oil, coconut oil and gingelly oil is used to light the lamp.

    Arul Thiru Adigalar, with wet clothes after His bath, goes around the Siddhar peetam three times and then enters "Putrumandapam" and worships the Goddess. At that moment Annai Adhiparaskthi transcends in HIM. In that very divine state, AMMA enters the sanctum sanctorum and sits there and perform some rituals to Swayambu. Then AMMA lights the wick with HER mouth and with that, lights the Agandam. At that moment AMMA's face and body almost changes to resemble a dancing cobra.The Agandam continues to burn for all the nine days during which time the devotees bring oil and pour it into this lamp, after which they worship the light.

    AMMA in HER oracle once said
    Agandam has the power to help man out of his crisis, which is the outcome of his fate and destiny.

    AMMA Birth day(Avathara ThiruVizha)

    Arul Thiru Adigalar was born on the 3rd March 1941. Adigalars's day of incarnation was first celebrated on 3rd March, 1983. Normally all the other festivals at Siddhar peetam maintains a God - Devotee relationship, but the grand festival celebration on every 3rd March ie AMMA's Avathar day is celebrated as the day of Guru - Disciple relation.

    The devotees, as a sign of gratitude to their Guru, presented Him, on His birthday with a Golden Chariot. On His Avathar day Adigalar sits on the chariot for sometime to satisfy HIS devotees and joins thousands and thousands of devotees in a procession, which starts from His house and ends at Siddhar peetam. On HIS birthday, HE garlands HIS parents and worship them and asks for their blessing.Do not forget your Mother and Guru is AMMA's oracle.

    On HIS birthday, the devotees perform Padhapooja to Adigalar, soon after this HE comes to the Putrumandapam and sits on the well decorated floral stage, to give Darshan to the public, starting in the morning till evening.

    Since 1995, AMMA's Avatharday is being celebrated for three days. On 1st March the members of various commitees of Siddhar peetam and the devotees perform Padha Pooja to AMMA. On the 2nd day students of the various educational institutions perform cultural programmes.On the 3rd day the public darshan of Adigalar starts from the morning till evening with a very grand Annadhanam to all.

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