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AMMA's Oracle

"Son! All the Adhiparasakthi Weekly Worshipping Centers are My sub-temples. I am going to offer My Grace to the devotees who recite their prayers in these centers. "

"Son, by participating in group prayers, your previous Karmas (fruits of your actions) will be consumed. You will receive Sakthi's grace. You will be relieved of your sorrows."

"Son, when ten persons together recite OMSAKTHI!! the SOUL within each one of them attains PEACE."

"Son, when you recite mantras with deep concentration, you become Sakthi yourself."

"Son, I am bound by two things. First Bhakthi (devotion). Second by your selfless services."

Mel Maruvathur Sri AdhiParaSakthi Worship Center, Los Angeles

Group of Adhiparasakthi devotees conduct mass prayer on every month, started mass prayer from October, 2003. Spread the message of Incarnation of Mother Godess Sri Adhiparasakthi and teachings of Spiritual Guru. Arul Thiru Bangaru Adigalar.

Sakthi. Gomathy Sundarm, Sakthi. Sundaram of Mel Maruvathur, India and San Francisco worship center sakthis were particpated and honored the first Om Sakthi prayer meeting on 4th October, 2003 at Burbank, CA. Since then, we continue our group prayers in and around Los Angeles area.

Monthly Prayer Schedule

6 PM on every second saturday (Any changes will be informed by email)

One of the devotees residence - At the end of each prayer meeting the following month
prayer schedule will be fixed.

Chanting Mantras from Adhi Parasakthi Mandira Nool.
(We have Tamil, Telugu and English version of the Mantras, all are invited to participate in the prayer.)

Reading AMMA'S Oracle and discussion about the holy events of that month.

Potluck dinner - Please bring a vegeterian dish to offer

For Further information Please Contact:
Sakthi.C.Kasthuri Rengan, Burbank, CA
Cell: 818-203-2145

Please join us for monthly mass prayer

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